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Welcome to the Center for Optimal Integration! This education, convening and advocacy portal was created to support everyone who is committed to the values of integrative health or has a stake in the integrative health and medicine movement.

Staff and participants in the Center continuously gather, develop, and share resources that help decision makers advance whole person, health-focused, team-based care. We focus on utility drawing attention to best practices and featuring discussions on key topics and breakthroughs as they emerge.

The Center serves as a dynamic interface between what we know and what we are learning about integrative health and medicine from the innovators who are opening doors and exploring new models in real time.

Our vision is for a society that promotes the optimal integration of all modalities and health professions to treat disease. Creating health is the cornerstone of quality care.

Sharing Supportive Evidence - Collaborating on Best Practices.

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Current Projects:

PERL and PIHTA project resources will soon be housed on our main ACIH website. Please bookmark and keep checking back!

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Center for Optimal Integration

We CONVENE forums for exploring common issues and facilitate the sharing of 'found wisdom'.

Center for Optimal Integration: Glossary

We ADVOCATE for a health system that creates health by preparing individuals to be leaders in fostering the values, practices and disciplines associated with integrative health and medicine.

Center for Optimal Integration: Glossary

We EDUCATE by exposing stakeholders to current thought leaders in the field, and by aggregating and disseminating practical information on how to 'do' integration in health care.

Center for Optimal Integration: Glossary
Decision Makers

Decision makers are those who make payment and inclusion decisions, and includes patients, practitioners, employers, government regulators, insurers, and executives of clinics, hospitals and health systems.

Center for Optimal Integration: Glossary
Integrative health and medicine movement

Integrative health and medicine movement is the modern term for the systemic engagement of the patient and integrative practitioner interest in opening medicine to new choices, options and perspectives that embrace the values of integrative health.

Center for Optimal Integration: Glossary

Utility speaks to the Center's core interest in providing practical tools and guidance for those decision makers who are on the ground making real-time choices and payment and inclusion.

Center for Optimal Integration: Glossary
Values of integrative health

Values of integrative health center on whole person, patient-centered, inclusive and respectful team-based care that focuses on creating health and well-being.

Center for Optimal Integration: Glossary
Creating health/health creation

Creating health/health creation are terms used in the Design Principles for Healthcare Renewal (2001), in the vision of educators from 12-professions (2005) and of integrative health educators (2005) and recently echoed in 2013 by a Mayo Clinic innovations leader: " .. we need to change the focus of the health care industry to creating health, not just producing health care." The theme of health creation, as the necessary direction of health care, is the subject of this December 2013 plenary talk by former CMS administrator Donald Berwick, MD.