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Evidence Informed Practice (EIP) Definition and Theory

The links and documents presented here provide background information and definitions of Evidence Informed Practice. Additional links direct you to EIP training programs that were utilized by the NCCAM grantees.

For a great start, listen to a group discussion with representatives from seven grantee institutions as they discuss lessons learned from successful EIP programs.

Background information:
  1. What do we mean by "Evidence Informed Practice"?
    This document (provided courtesy of Northwestern Health Sciences University) provides a definition for Evidence Informed Practice.
  2. Introduction to Evidence Based Practice tutorial.
    This document, hosted on the National University of Health Sciences website, provides an overview and history of EIP.
  3. Bastyr University has created an online overview of Evidence Informed Practice that includes an introduction as well as tips for choosing resources and searching databases.
  4. Evidence-Based Practice and Chiropractic Care (2013).
    This publication presents an overview of EBP in the chiropractic field and reviews areas where there is substantial clinical research for chiropractic care. Page 76 describes the core concepts necessary for EBP implementation.
  5. McMaster University provides a general overview and many course materials describing theory and definitions of Evidence Based Clinical Practice.
  6. Georgetown University has created an online Library Guide for Evidence Based Medicine. The guide includes an overview of EBM, resource books and journals.
  7. Introduction to Evidence Informed Practice Tutorial
    Developed though Duke University Medical Center Library and the Health Sciences Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, this on-line tutorial provides an overview of EBP.
  8. Foundations of Evidence Informed Practice Learning Modules
    This series of interactive learning modules (freely available through the University of MN Center for Spirituality & Healing website) offers an introduction to EIP.
Training programs:
  1. The Evidence Based Clinical Practice training program at McMaster University is considered a premier training program in EBCP.
  2. The Oxford University Centre for Evidence Based Medicine offers a wide range of EBM courses, workshops, and advanced continuing educational degrees. Online coursework is also offered.
  3. The Rocky Mountain Workshop on How to Practice Evidence-Based Health Care, is an intensive 5 day training course on EBHC sponsored by the Colorado School of Public Health.
  4. Teaching and Leading EBM: A workshop for Educators and Champions of Evidence-Based Medicine is a 4-day workshop on EBM sponsored by Duke University Division of General Internal Medicine.
  5. Information Mastery: A practical Approach to Evidence-Based Medicine is a 3-day workshop on EBM, sponsored by Tufts Health Care Institute.

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