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Project for Integrative Health and the Triple Aim (PIHTA)
Much of the most useful practical evidence is emerging moment-to-moment in implementation discoveries in the field. These come to light after a stakeholder has decided that a values alignment with integrative health and one or more arms of the Triple Aim may exist.

A director may, for instance, develop an integrative group program for a special population, or build integrative health categories into an electronic health record, or create a new link to a community integrative health service. Each is explored to supports optimal integration.

The PIHTA team will first build this section based on known pioneers in this work. In time, via development of a thriving PIHTA community, many of you may become contributors. We will provide links to articles, video interviews, presentations, webinars and even PDF files from insights gathered through connection with active participants.

As the resources grow, we will seek to arrange content into categories that facilitate your rapid retrieval of the information that will best support your decision processes.

If you have an experience to add or know of one you would like reported, please contact us at

Center for Optimal Integration

We CONVENE forums for exploring common issues and facilitate the sharing of 'found wisdom'.

Center for Optimal Integration: Glossary

We ADVOCATE for a health system that creates health by preparing individuals to be leaders in fostering the values, practices and disciplines associated with integrative health and medicine.

Center for Optimal Integration: Glossary

We EDUCATE by exposing stakeholders to current thought leaders in the field, and by aggregating and disseminating practical information on how to 'do' integration in health care.